The Barefoot Therapy

Enjoy a relaxing hour of Reflexology by Tricia Brown in the tranquility of a treatment room at Calm Hair & Beauty. Reflexology is a complementary energy healing therapy used to promote good health and well-being and is believed to have been around in some form for between four and five thousand years. It is often used in a preventative way in the same way as a balanced diet and regular exercise. Reflexology aims to get to the root cause of any energy imbalance in the body and encourage the body’s natural healing ability. Some of the health benefits of reflexology include its ability to – reduce stress; induce relaxation; improve circulation; help detoxify the body; reduce symptoms; balance the whole body and generally energise the recipient.

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Family Massage

This is the wonderful world of massage and nurturing touch!

Whether it is getting some treatment for pain or discomfort such as a sore back, neck/shoulder or other joint pain, headaches, lack of energy, learning how to massage your family, finding out about the Massage in Schools Programme, you will find all the information here.
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