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The Pentlands Writers Group was formed in 2000 by a number of people of varying levels of...

Writing Events

Next Meeting: the next meeting of Pentland Writers will be held on Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 8....

Competition 2011

Off the Beaten Track, by Andrew McCallum  

Writers Anthology

This collection of work by local writers produced in 2011 includes the winners of our first...

Competition 2010

2009-10 saw the Group's first short story writing competition, to celebrate our tenth year.

Biggar & Pentland writers

A joint meeting of Pentland Writers and Biggar Writers held on 2nd December 2011 at Biggar High...

Anita John
About Child's Eye

Anita John's debut book of prize-winning short stories and poems.

Poems and Stories


Anita John's News/Biography

New Website: News and latest writings from Anita John can now be found on her website http://...

Yvonne Crossley
Yvonne biography

I joined the Pentlands Writers Group in October 2007 and have participated in presentation...

Ashen Keys

the brown ash keys of autumn hang ready to commando...

The Spider Inside Her

if I was two and knew what I know now...

Sara Innes
Sara Biography

(holding only)

John McCann
Paper Trail

A single surface of unblemished paper
Selected with care to catch a mood.

Ode to OHTO

Ode to OHTO
You lie where I laid you down.  Waiting.

John biography

I have been a member of Pentland Writers since 2010 following completion of an Open University...


I smile as his and hers turns into theirs.
As global issues move to homely chat

Mick Armstrong
Training of the screw

Extract from Chapter Twenty Nine of my book 'The Training of the Screw'

Book extract

Extract from my book 'The Training of the Screw'

Mick biography
Peter Macnab

I joined Pentland Writers in February 2012 and have enjoyed trying to recreate the warm feeling...

There's been a Murder in Auld Lang Syne

Musings on the Independence Debate. The views expressed may or may not be those of the author!...

A Few Words in Time

A Few Words in Time.
Entry number 10,372 in recent Short...

Paper Dreams - Haibun for National Stationery Week

Paper Dreams - Haibun "Homework" for National Stationery Week.

Archie Hunter
Archie Hunter Biography

Archie Hunter (Biography)