A3 - Broomlee

Time - 60 mins

Distance - 4km/2.5 miles

A lovely stroll from the village along the stretch of the Lyne Water behind Broomlee Camp.  The route is a right of way but not an 'official' footpath, so it could be lost if not used.

The route is level but is often muddy in places, especially behind Broomlee Camp, running for the most part along a riverbank. The path is informal and narrow in some parts.  Care should be taken in the latter section as there are a few rabbit holes and half-buried fencing wire to negotiate in a couple of places.

Route: start/finish - West Linton

Leave the village heading south via Station Road (B7059) [1]. After 1 km, just before the entrance to Broomlee Camp, you come to a house on the right (‘Rycroft’) [2].  The route takes you along a track immediately to the right of the house and involves what amounts to walking into its driveway.  Although this is a right of way, out of courtesy we have checked with the residents and they are happy for people to walk through so long as appropriate care is taken.

Continue on into the woods, with the Black Burn running alongside you to your right and the wooden buildings of the camp to your left visible through the trees.  After 400m, you reach a point where the Black Burn, Lyne Water and West Water all meet, and in the right conditions, the colour of the three water flows will be quite different before they blend into one to continue as the Lyne.

400m later, you reach a bridge over the Lyne [3]. At the far end of the bridge, turn left down the bank and over the fence to continue along the Lyne downstream, now on its right bank.
After 250m, the Lyne meanders left.  Continue ahead through the meadow then bear right and up a bank into the rhododendrons [4], with a house down to your left. Pass through the rhododendrons and follow the path ahead and then bearing right to head NW back in the general direction of West Linton, with the bank of rhododendrons on your right. The path here is grassy but easy to follow. The path itself follows the line of a long-disused lane from Bogsbank to Spitalhaugh House behind you to the SE.

Continue on until a gap appears in the bank of rhododendrons. Here, you’ll find a straight path on your right that heads back to the bridge over the Lyne.  You can either follow this path to retrace your steps back to West Linton OR continue forward alongside the rhododendrons until you reach a gate.  Continue through the gate and then immediately turn right off the track into a field.  Bear left to follow a path across the field to emerge on Bogsbank Road [5], turning right to head back to the village.

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